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Hey guys, this little angel lives in my area and just went through her first round of chemo without her mom by her side because she’s pregnant and can’t be around the radiation. This angel isn’t doing so well so I’m asking to please pray for her. Please reblog to spread this around to get more prayers from everybody. The power of prayer is amazing. Thanks.

Pray for this beautiful angel 🙌😔💗

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wanting to be perfect for someone, but knowing that that someone could always do 100 times better


fuck it up snoop.

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Artists uses Disney princes to highlight domestic abuse’s least visible victims

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There needs to be more of this.  Too many people think domestic violence is only against women.

it makes me mad that this has waaaay less notes than the female version

its tumblr

The posts that say we need feminism because girls are literally demonised for liking pumpkin spice are going to get more notes then anything to do with male victims of rape or domestic violence 

Yeah, great post, great message, but blimey can we stop with the whole ‘if this was a female version it would have way more notes nobody cares about male victims bla bla bla’. 

Because let me tell you right now that it’s feminism and feminists that are campaigning for an end to gender roles and Patriarchy, WHICH IS THE THING THAT MAKES PEOPLE THINK MALE VICTIMS SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN AS SERIOUSLY AS FEMALE ONES. 

It’s just such a weak and backhanded crappy statement. This is a post about men that suffer from domestic violence. But you still have to derail it to get in a little point about how tumblr feminists are bad and evil. 

Grow up. This is serious stuff. 

You care about male victims of domestic violence? You fight against gender roles and the patriarchy. You don’t use this important post as an opportunity to get at feminists on tumblr. If you cared about male victims, let’s face it, you wouldn’t do that.

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